Her finnes et utvalg innlegg som kanskje kan gi deg en følelse av denne bloggen. Enten du er en gjenganger eller har havnet her inne ved en tilfeldighet, håper jeg denne siden kan være en praktisk oversikt, og at du snubler over noe du liker.

Enkelte innlegg ser litt rare ut fordi utseendet på bloggen er blitt endret, men det får bare være greit, hoho. Noen innlegg er forresten blitt tatt med fra den forrige bloggen, men de aller fleste er nye og finnes bare her!

Takk for at du leser!

– – – – – –

In other words: Here’s a selection of posts that might give you the feel of this blog. Whether you’ve dropped in by coincidence or you’re a regular visitor, I hope this page can provide a practical overview and that you’ll find something you like. Some posts may look a little weird because I changed the look of the this spring. A few posts have also been brought along from my former blog, but most of them are new and exclusive to this one! Some were written before I started translating my posts, and they are clearly marked (but in many cases I dare say the pictures speak for themselves). Happy browsing and thanks for reading!


The little things in life

Love for breakfast

Fifteen smiles

My new two-wheeled love

Rooftop reading

50 things to do on everyday evenings

A treasure hunt

December days in a delightful haze


Sunny celebrations

Alphabet dating

Because this happened


Encore: Vondt på en god måte


Golden moments

A cherished concept

Encore: Lukten av lykke

Lyden av lykke

Just because

Bite me

A scene from a tram

Fifteen smiles this Friday

Pink mornings

A Sunday at sea

Books and brew

Kunsten å være syk

Indoors/Outdoors (Winter in Norway)

Picking posies

Everyday magic


Handy posts

My best study tips

50 things to do on everyday evenings

My tips for housing hunters

Seven hacks for the home

DIY Halloween Garland: Cats ‘n’ bats

Eight basic wine tricks and tips

The hanger hack

Working out at home

Five things I use to make the internet even better

DIY sparkling wine cork magnets

15 geeky TV shows I like

About subtitling

How I edit my Instagrams

Working from home: Three audio tips

Four DIY Advent Calendars

About studying wine

My top 10 tips about tights



Banana bread

Lazy chocolate berry cake

Roasted root vegetable salad

Apricot muffins

Lingonberry cake

Firefarget smuldrepai (Norwegian only)

Micro chocolate cake in a mug

My simple, vegan, big berry cake

Oatmeal cookies

Everyday chocolate cake

Pink pickles

Two-layer apple cake

Baked nectarines

Lemon coconut cake

Super simple banana pancakes



The Bird Park

Our ninth anniversary

A hint of Bangkok

Wine trip to France: Day one, day two, day three, day four

48 hours in Trondheim in December

Around Edinburgh, part one

Around Edinburgh, part two

KL by night

Brussels: Part one, part two, part three

Niagara, Canada: Wine, polka dots, the falls and a cute town

One day in Denmark

A Malaysian medley

Rome: Day one, day two, day three

Le château

Along the streets of Kuala Lumpur

The Scottish Highlands

Krakow: Day one, day two, day three

Green Bangok: Flowers and reptiles

The castle and the dragon

York: Day one, day two, day three

Koh Mak

A good look at Glasgow

The geek trip to Germany: Day one, day two, day three, day four, day five

One day in Verona

Edinburgh Castle

The Bangkok beat

Gothenburg: Day one, day two, day three, day four

Monkey Island


Texts and more personal posts



Grey hair, don’t care

The ring that should not be

On happiness

Who are they?

Misfit memories


Those nights

On leaving a childhood home


Life lately

A tune and a scene: The Train Station

On tears

Longing and love

10 things not so say to someone who doesn’t want kids

Not for me

On body image and bravery

A tune and a scene: Mental Mire

Pillow talk

On kindness

33 life lessons from my first three decades of living

The Tyger

Now and then

On work and wages

A list about TIME

On being called ugly, on self-image and self-esteem

That moment

Because this happened

On individualism


Vintage dresses and other wearable things

The fifties floral dress

How I roll – literally

The Cinderella dress

White petals and a pink skirt

The crimson dress


The emerald dress

The grey dress from Glasgow

Encore: Frokostkjolen

The Wes Anderson dress

The purple skirt

The striped Sunday dress

The chocolate gown

The poofy pocket dress

Gala girl

The purple plaid dress

Pleated skirts and knee highs

The houndstooth dress

A colour rebellion in a new, old skirt

The turtle dress

The mint green shirt dress

The Pondarosa dress



Blåmandag (Norwegian only)

Kjolekjærlighet (Norwegian only)


A few peeks at my year in Paris

Min første måned i Paris

Franske hverdagsgleder

The feel of fall

Parc de Monceau

Sights and smiles

The Explosion

Tourisme classique

Good things come to those who wait

Musée des Arts et Métiers

…and 13 strange things

Door to door

Parisian Christmas Round-Up

Week 22 in 22 pictures

Paris by Night

Château de Versailles

An oval and excellent weekend

Franske hjem

Galeries d’Anatomie Comparée et de Paleontologie

Rue Mouffetard

Dark days

Snow Safari

Bicycles, you say?

Chez moi

Sunset on the Seine


A few looks at our year in London

→ NW4

Rainbow streets

Anniversary activities

Our Local London

Guy Fawkes

Hendon Hall Hotel

London love: The mews


Christmas Time in London Town

Freelance Thursday: Coffee, good company, sunshine and stout

Lush London

London love: Rooftop Film Club

May 17th 2016

London love: Hedonism Wines


Everyday differences in England

The cat café

London love: Leadenhall Market

A fine fellow

London love: The Gaming Market


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